EMP provides professional asbestos engineering services as well as consulting industrial hygiene services including Asbestos Inspections, Abatement Design (Preparation of Plans & Specifications), Abatement and Air Monitoring (NIOSH 582 Area, OSHA and TEM Clearances) for abatement projects. EMP personnel are experienced and knowledgeable in performing these services and assessments of asbestos-containing building materials. In addition, our personnel have provided air monitoring services, abatement services, project management services for many clients in the public and private sectors. All involved on this project have successfully completed and hold MSDEQ certifications in the areas of Asbestos Inspections, Project Design, Contractors, Supervisors, Workers, and Air Monitoring. As well, EMP is one of the only firms in Mississippi that participates in the Proficiency Analysis Testing (PAT) Program conducted by NIOSH. EMP is also proficient in AHERA sampling and NIOSH 582 fiber counting procedures. They are performed in accordance with the NIOSH 7400 Test Method. The bulk sampling procedure utilizes Phase Contrast Microscopy.